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Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart is a book by Chinua Achebe. Set in a Nigerian tribe in the 19th century, it follows the eventual downfall of the protagonist, Okonkwo. After being exiled for years for an accidental murder, Okonkwo returns to his tribe plagued by white missionaries. Determined to bring down the missionaries, Okonkwo's actions lead to him losing support from his village. With no hope, he hangs himself, preventing himself from being buried due to his village's beliefs. 


Based on Achebe's novel, I created some frames for a title sequence that uses bold imagery and visual metaphors (some that come from the book like the snake) to visually communicate the downfall of Okonkwo. For this project I was particularly influenced by Saul Bass and his simple bold graphics. Being inspired by him, I sought to use meaningful images and bold colors that referenced the Igbo tribe of the novel.

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