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Madewell Promo

MADEWELL is a clothing brand that focuses on women’s clothing. It can be described as simple, home-y, casual, and artsy. Its clothing is not loud so it never has neon colors. It is mostly denim, white, black, and muted colors with accessories that are metal or leather. Madewell is big on layering colors and textures. Its stores are very welcoming and have a warm feeling to them. They typically have white walls, imperfect moulding, and imperfect wooden floors. 


Because Madewell is a simple brand overall but likes to mix a variety of colors, patterns, denim, and textures, I wanted to make this promo feel like a living, moving mood board for the brand. The visuals are meant to feel like swatches of colors and textures with a few accesories (earrings, shoes) that create a look. 

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