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Process Book_Death10.jpg
Process Book_Death11.jpg
Process Book_Death13.jpg
Process Book_Death14.jpg
Process Book_Death12.jpg
Process Book_Death15.jpg
Process Book_Death16.jpg
Process Book_Death17.jpg
Process Book_Death18.jpg


This project was a collaboration with my friend Zach Herdman! The prompt for this project was to create tactile storyboards focusing on the concept of death. Initially inspired by my late grandfather who left me his red glasses, we arrived at the notion of treasures being left behind by those that have passed away. In the style frames above, we explore how one object can hold memories of the person's life. We begin with a pair of glasses and branch off to other objects that represent different attributes and memories of the deceased that family members remember. And just as we began with the glasses, we end with them, too. 

Process Book_Death7.jpg
Process Book_Death6.jpg
Process Book_Death8.jpg
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