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Zedd, Maren Morris, BEAUZ - Make You Say Album Cover

Studio: Scholar

Role: Design Lead

It was an absolute dream when Zedd asked Scholar to design the cover art for his new single 'Make You Say' with Maren Morris and BEAUZ. When he asked us, we had already been working on the music video for the song in collaboration with Apple. In the video, Maren goes through 3 stages of dealing with a breakup - grief, anger, and peace - and each of these stages has its own theme - water, fire, and flowers.

With a racing heart and big eyes, I sketched out different concepts alongside other artists based on the music video. Presented with a bunch of different ideas, Zedd ultimately chose one of my concepts which I took to full completion. Referencing the music video's concept, I represented each stage of dealing with a breakup through Maren's head and how she eventually rises from a place of sorrow to inner peace.

What was even more wild was some of us got invited by Zedd to his single's release party in Las Vegas and the cover art was all around the dayclub - on screens, walls, a cool giant globe, flyers, banners, donuts, even the hotel itself. I also got to meet the one and only Zedd! It was so surreal seeing my art everywhere and so exciting to know it was all over different parts of the world. Below I got some pics of it in Vegas, LA, Nashville, NYC, and Japan!

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